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Showcasing The Naturally Athletic Young Man
733 models
234,249 photos
updated twice a week

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I started photographing men in 2002, it all started a little bit by accident, a friend asked me to do him a new actor style head shot and a few months after that I did my first male nude shoot. Back then it was very artistic, all shadows and subtle light. Now what happened to that very subtle style of photography! Since that time I have photographed a number of young men who didn't want to do full frontal nude photographs, but they were happy to either nearly show everything or at least be photographed in boxers. So coming online in this new ďnearly nudeĒ section, started in January 2018, are some of these models who are happy to nearly show everything but didn't at the time want to make the step to being completely naked and showing their cocks! So these photosets are additional to our usual updates and allow the guys to show off their amazing bodies and with some of them they very nearly show everything, nude but not showing or others just stay to being photographed in their boxes. These young men are typically extremely athletic and have amazing physiques from playing lots of sports and a little time also at the gym. I hope you agree they are very pleasing on the eye! In many of the cases the models were very relaxed about being naked in front of me and some of the sets were taken with full nudity, but my agreements with the models mean I agreed not to show those parts! As always my photography is natural, so we dont use makeup on the models and I leave the photographs as taken, not manipulated in any way, except where I had to cover a willy! These photo sets are available to buy separately from the memberships.

Ultra Fit Young Musician Bogle Pumps up his Muscles on his Rock Solid Lean Physique


Ultra Fit Young Musician Bogle Pumps up his Muscles on his Rock Solid Lean Physique
Published 12 Jan 2018
I have been chatting to Bogle for over a year, his worry was doing a shoot where frontal nudity may leak onto the internet; so we found a way to work together, I was keen to show you his beautifully athletic body, great muscle size and with such leanness, his abs are rock solid and so are all his muscles! I donít edit the photographs, I donít use makeup, everything is kept natural and its credit to the models of how hard they have worked to maintain their naturally athletic physiques. Bogle is very natural when naked and as you can see in the photo shoot he was very comfortable with no clothes, the only downside is I had to hide his willy in all too many photographs! I think when you have worked so hard to get this type of physique then most models like him all do tend to enjoy showing them off. Without giving away all his secrets, Bogle has a beautiful uncut cock, trust me I will be asking nicely and trying to bribe him with the aim of next time doing a full frontal shoot! Lets hope that day isnít too long away and Bogle will come back and show us the rest; I have a bit of convincing to do! 445 photographs.
Tall & Muscular Young Pup Harry Shows off his Athletic Body

Harry Stephens

Tall & Muscular Young Pup Harry Shows off his Athletic Body
Muay Thai
Published 1 Jan 2014
Harry isnít sure he wants to do nude shots, but since he has such a great body and personality I thought I would share these. He is actually relaxed about being naked, during the shoot he was very happy standing naked while changing underwear and I think he seemed to like the fact I was looking! Though he just didnít want me to take any photographs of him in anything less than boxers! 123 photographs.