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Fit Young Men: Model Connor Hunter - Connor Hunter from MTV's Ex on the Beach Shows us His Muscles

Connor Hunter

Connor Hunter - Connor Hunter from MTV's Ex on the Beach Shows us His Muscles
Published 28 Nov 2015
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Connor seemed to cause quite a stir when he appeared on MTV's Ex on the Beach, a quick google of his name and you soon find out lots of people shared his photos as he was the pretty boy on the series he appeared. He is a confident young man, typical cheeky Essex lad who started off doing some fitness modelling before he appeared on Ex on the Beach and these days he earns his living as a DJ and is often out in Europe during the summer months playing many a hot summer party location. He was relatively easy to photography, slightly cautious about the naked shots, but he loves modelling he was just slightly hard to get out of his pants! Though once his tight little briefs were off and he was a little semi he really started to enjoy it! During the shoot one of his girl friendís watched quite a lot of the shoot, she seemed to enjoy me giving him directions! I did ask Connor if he come back to do another shoot that he should lay off the sun beds a little as he like many a young Essex man he loves his tan a little too much!